About Us

Moringa Oleifera as a Force For Good


Grown by standards exceeding organic requirements and processed at low heat to ensure the retention of vital vitamins, nutrients and plant sterols, this powder is a powerhouse of nutrition to be used as you see fit.  Moringa powder can be used in teas, mixed in smoothies, tossed with salads or simply taken by the spoonful, but the bottom line is: quality matters.  We are proud after years of searching to be able to provide our customers with some of the world's most nutrient dense Moringa Oleifera Powder.


In an age of large scale commercial agriculture stripping the earth of its nutrients and leaving wasteland in it's wake, The Moringa Company stands for a movement.  A movement that believes in protecting and revitalizing our earth through sustainable farming and business practices through a triple bottom line approach:  Planet, People and Profits. "Moringa Oleifera as a Force for Good" is at the core of our beliefs and drives every decision we make.  Learn more about how we practice what we preach through The Moringa Project.  A portion of every sale is directed straight into this project for the greater good of the people and the planet.



If you love something, you have a duty to protect and nurture it.  Through our continued efforts at The Moringa Project, our non-profit arm, we strive to live up to our responsibilities by providing education and programs on how to use the Moringa Oleifera tree to create sustainability.  Our programs educated those in need throughout the world and empower them to create their own nutritional supplements, medicines, water purification systems, cooking oils and even an ongoing source of income.  We hope you will join us on this journey by supporting these types of initiatives or through the purchase of products of which a portion of proceed go directly back to The Moringa Project helping those in need.