The Moringa Project

The Moringa Project = non-profit Moringa Oleifera Iniatives


How It Works

For every product sold at The Moringa Company, we donate a percentage directly into The Moringa Project.  So now, not only are you buying the world's best Moringa Oleifera and supporting sustainable farming and business practices, but also helping the people of this world on a much larger scale through our reach with this program.  We invite you to donate or simply make a purchase of any of our products to help support the cause.  We're in this together.

What We Do

The Moringa Oleifera Tree is not just beneficial on a nutritional level, but can be leveraged to truly change the lives of an individual, a community and even the world.  For a complete list of all the amazing applications of this tree, visit this blog post on Moringa Benefits.  We educate and empower those in need throughout the world to create nutritional supplements, medicines, clean water, cooking oil, an ongoing income and more all through use of the Moringa Tree. 

Who We Help

Moringa Oleifera grows extremely well in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world.  This area of the world is also home some of the worlds most impoverished and malnourished peoples.  We focus our efforts in regions where those in need can leverage successful growing to change their destiny and live happier and healthier lives.